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    Lions assist AFL Future Stars at Training Camp

    Over the past week, the AFL Vic Metro State Academy Hub held their December training Camp at Deakin University in Waurn Ponds.

    A request was made as to whether the use of one of our Club's Marquees was possible because extreme hot conditions was the forcast and the Deakin Oval had limited shade.
    Whilst the players practiced and went through their training drills the marquee was used to shelter their personal items, medical gear, drink and other equipment.
    It also provided cover for the players and staff during drink breaks.

    The players and support staff were most appreciative of the Club's willingness to supply the marquee.

    When activities happen there are usually those that work behind the scenes who make them work successfully, with little acknowledgement and the photo shows three of these such people who worked with these young future AFL Players to make sure their week was successful.

    Photo shows Todd, Jack and Nick from the medical support team casting their eyes over their chargers.

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    Our very own SANTA

    Leading up to Christmas over the past few years, we had been asked if we provided a Santa, as the Club had done so in the past.
    Unfortunately until two years ago we had ceased this Activity as our Santa had aged and his Reindeer were not prepared to leave the North Pole.
    As a Lion, Lion Gaeme took the BIT between his teeth, and soon had the Reindeers back up and running and now with the Club's blessing Santa has attended 5 functions leading up to Christmas this year free of charge, and usually to Pre School and Kindergarten, where the children get enjoyment out of seeing the Jolly Old Fellow turn up to deliver presents to each and everyone of the children, and have their photo taken alone or with other family members, with Santa.
    You can see from the SMILE on Santa's face in the attached photo that Santa enjoys working with the staff.
    This photo was taken with staff from DOT 2 DOT EARLY CHILD INTERVENTION a Specialist preschool learning centre, which is located right next door to our Lions Sheds.


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    Market Square Christmas Cakes site

    Visiting Lion Joe is not afraid to put his hand up to help a Club in his area when he is home or on the road.
    We have benefitted from Lion Joe being home for a stay before taking off to meet up with other Members of his Club, we are fortunate to have Joe and Pat having their home base in our area, beside helpjng our Club Lion Joe has also spent time assisting Grovedale-Waurn Ponds Club, with filling vacant spots on both Clubss rosters, and we say a BIG THANK YOU to Lion Joe for his help.
    Photo shows Lion Joe ready TO SERVE at our outlet in Market Square today.
    Where we are located this week has been very slow compared,to last week but every sale is a sale and means that the LIONS name is getting out into the Public Arena, and one never knows what that result can be, perhaps a new member.


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    Christmas Tree Sales with assistance from a Visiting Member

    We were priviledged to have a visit from Lion Joe VELLA, a Member of Lions Club named LIONSONOZ.
    The Club Joe belongs to, is comprised of Members throughout various Australian States, and we were lucky enough to have Joe volunteer to assist us with one of our Christmas Time projects, that of selling Christmas Trees.
    The photo show Lion Joe with our Christmas Tree chairman, Lion Laurie, with a sample of the product we sell to the Public. Laurie and Joe worked well together and made a number of sales.
    Thank you Lion Joe for your assistance.

    Lion Joe and his wife Pat, then joined Laurie and other members of the Club at our normal Business meeting, which we combined with our Christmas get together, with a BBQ meal and drinks.


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    2nd week in Market Square

    We have relocated this week to between Wendy's and Gloria Jeans, I have my coffee from DEGANI, so we are sharing ourselves around.
    This site is for not for profit organisations and we really appreciate the positioning of our site last week by Management. In actual fact we sold more Cakes and Puddings in the 4 days to what we sold for all December last year.


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    Market Square Geelong Lion Christmas Cake and Puddings Sales

    Today commenced our 4 week run into Christmas, when we will be selling our Cakes. Puddings and Slices within MARKET SQUARE SHOPPING CENTRE Geelong.

    Our Club have sold Cakes etc for the past 5 years at various locations within the Complex and this year we have been very lucky to be located in a PRIME LOCATION very closeby to the Malop Street Entrance for the first 5 days and then we return to the successful location of the past couple of years, nearby to where Santa has photo shoots with children and their family Members.

    Lion Mick. Club Treasurer, has arranged with the Centre Management a d the proprietors of the Tattslotto outlet to ease the work load involved in setting up and closing up, by being able to lock our Merchandise and display material within the Sales table and leaving the key to under the Tattslotto guard.

    This set up means very little manual effort is needing in morning and evening.

    Firsf day sales exceeded our expectations so hopefully we may sell out of Cakes/Puddings this year.

    Today we were visited by our Zone Cbairman. A member from Inverleigh Lions Club and also one from Griffiths in NSW.
    Lion Mike Cake did a marvellous job today, making a high number of sales.
    It is a terrific outlet and it is amazing who you meet.

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    Enjoying the Geelong Emergency Services Day

    Lion Mick (sitting), Colin, Dennis, Graeme, PADDY, Ged, Shirley and Roger pose for a snapshot nearing the end of the day that saw our Members enjoying PADDY'S company. The photo reflects the jovial atmosphere within our BBQ area throughout the day which was remarked on by some of the customers.
    Our sausages were well sort after with plenty of the Public wanting to know where we purchased them from.
    Paddy Platypus, the SES Services Mascot joined the Members late in the day, which meant our early team of workers missed the shot.
    It was a very successful day for the Club, with fellowship creating a great working envoirnment.


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    Geelong Emergency Services Day

    A couple of months back, Lion Graeme when deliverying a supply of Lions Trauma Bears to the Geelong Police Station was asked if our Club would be interested in running a BBQ at an upcoming event to which he responded favourably. After a couple of meetings, Lion Graeme and Colin attended, it was decided that our Club could supply and work our BBQ , as well an offer to the Police to supply additional Marquees and Tables for their use by our Club was accepted by the Police., as well Graeme and Colin offered that our Club would provide all uniformed persons free BBQ foodstuffs on the day
    Set up time was established as 8.30am till close at around 2pm.
    All Emergency Services were present on the day and a number of displays were carried out throughout a very successful day.
    Our Club received terrific feed back from our BBQ, and very good advertising with the use of one of our Marquees as the Centre Point of the days Activities, being used by the Police

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    Christmas Cakes, Puddings and Slices

    Received our first issue of the above today for this year.
    We are hopeful of selling out with our Members selling from Jokers Arcade in Belmont each Wednesday till Friday in December and likewise in MARKET SQUARE GEELONG each Wednesday to Saturday.
    With sales also being made from our 40 other outlets we are hoping for a big year of sales.


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    Geelong Emergency Services Day

    BBQ and Marquees supplied by our Club for an expected crowd from 500 to 10,000.
    This is the first time Lions International hve been involved with this day.

    Attachment: CSN-WD1-GEELONG-COMMDAY-A3-V3-4.pdf

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    St Mary's Food Bank Support

    Lion Shirley visited the St Mary's Food Bank this week and presented our Club's cheque to the two Ladies who were in charge who gleefully, and were surprised, accepted the cheque and thanked Lion Shkrley for our Club's support.
    St Mary's Food Bank is another local Community Service which does much unheralded work in supplying food to those less fortunate.


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    Youth of the Year Club night 2019

    Tonight our Club's YOTY saw 5 students present 5 minute prepared speeches on a topic they selected themselves, as well as 2 impromtu 2 minute speeches.

    The night organised by Lion Jan Here with support from Lion Julie, Shirley and Laurie saw probably one of the Club's best presentations of this activity.

    An audience of almot 40 were entertained by the students and entertained with their presentations.
    The photo left to right shows Jossiah Langton, Owen Walsh, Emerson Stead,Willam Bowden, Sidney White, contestants, with 2nd VDG Tom Blair, Lion Jan Here and Club President Lion Gordon Kieselbach.
    Our Judges for the evening were..
    Betty Morrison, who is a terrific supporter of the event.
    Ivan Saric Ivan nas now judge for the past few years, and
    Joanne Ciancio, who also represented the National Australia Bank, who are the SPONSORS of this event Australia wide, to whom we owe a great deal of gratitude for their support

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    Today our Club provided our BBQ Services to MAZDA GEELONG so that their Staff and Clients could enjoy a free eat.

    Our BBQ Committee had been approached to provide our BBQ Service and they readily agreed which strengthens our relationship with MAZDA GEELONG, who support our Club by allowing us to provide our BBQ Services on two full weekends, Saturdays and Sundays already.

    Photo shows Lion Mick, Graeme,Colin and Ross prepared and waiting for clientele in the Club's new all weather jackets which due to weather conditions they were a God send.

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    That time of the Year again.

    At last night's Business Meeting I was presented with a Christmas Cake, which had been purchased in DARWIN in 1980.

    It just shows how the packaging of our Cakes have chamged over the past 49 years.

    The Cake is wrapped in Plastic and the box even then has the various Codes of the different types of ingredients listed on it.

    This Year's Cakes, Puddings and Slices are now available for purchase, for enquiries just contact us as per details on our Contact List of this Web Page.

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    Club continjes support of Anam Cara Centre.

    On behalf of our Club Members, Life Member Lion Bob Badham presented, a very happy, Terri who is the Centre's Community Outreach Nurse, with our Club's cheque to support the Centre and it's staff with the important Service that they provide for our Community, which covers.
    1. Day Hospice,
    2.Carers Support, and most importantly
    3. End of life Care.

    Our Club has supported the Centre, through our Dispersement Program over a number of years now as the Members are well aware of the work the Centre does for those in our Community in their later days.


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    Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

    Was very pleased to hand over our Club's cheque to Chris Major, who is the Development Manager of Victoria form JDRF, which is.close to my heart as my two daughters have JD.
    The presentation took place at the starting/finishing line of the annual JDRF Walk for a Cure, which the Lions Club of Geelong South Barwon commenced in 2012, in conjunction with JDRF. To date almost $150k has been raised, through the Walks.
    On the day of the Walk, this year being 3rd November, our Club provides the sausage sizzle, pays for the Jumping Castle and provides our 4 Marquees plus tables and chairs, free of charge, whilst our neighbouring Club the Torquay Club provides their very popular children's Train, also.
    Photo shows Lion Mick handing club cheque to Chris


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    Zone Meeting

    14th August saw our first Zone Dinner for some time, organised by Zone Chairman Morrie, with just over 50 members from the 5 Zone Clubs in attendance at the Queen's Park Golf Club. Guest speaker was a highly rated Professional from Avalon Airport who explained in depth the future development of the Airport.

    A small raffle was held during the night with full proceeds being donated to District Governor Dennis Grant's preferred Charity, that being Research into Cancer for Kids.

    Our Club, Geelong South Barwon, presented our Club's cheque, of 4 figures, to Zone Chairman Morrie in support to DG's preferred Charity.

    The photo shows ZC Morrie receiving the Club's cheque from current President Gordon with Immmediate Past President Dennis looking on.

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    Belmont Special School support

    Each year our Club Members man and cook the annual Christmas Breakup BBQ for the Special School. This connection has been in placed for a number lf years with contact at our Club through Life Member Lion Phil Rayner.
    This BBQ does not require a Roster to be raised as all Members are aware of the Activity and welcome the opportunity to help out in our small way.
    It is rewarding to see the smiles on not only the children faces but also the interaction of families with like condition children, and the wonderful work of the amazing staff.
    Our Disbursement Committee this year recommended to the Club that we make a montary donation to the school, which members approved unanimously.
    Lion Phil was asked to present the Club's cheque and the photo shows Lions Phil presenting the cheque to a grateful Assistant Principal Gail Boadle.


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    National Tree Planting Day

    Club members, with our Club's BBQ equipment, spent this morning cooking sausages, whilst Breakfast Lions Club provided hot and cold drinks for Tree Planters, as they planted almost,4000 trees in 4 hours.
    It was good to see so many children and new Australian Migrants assisting in the planting.


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    Christ Church Food Program v

    Handing over the Club cheque to David Peek,Treasurer, Christ Church Food Program who supply Breakfast and other meals to the Homeless and Disadvantage in our Community 365 days of the year.
    Our Club makes an annual monetary donation plus supply Christmas Cakes later in the year.
    Photo shows Lion Mick Harris handing cheque to David.

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    Membership Chairman Inducted

    Due to illness, the Club's incoming Membership Chairman, Lion Ged Sweeney, was unable to attend the Club's Changeover Dinner and thus was not inducted until the Club's Business Meeting tonight.
    Induction Officer Lion Don Townson inducted Lion Ged tonight and the Club Members welcomed Lion Ged into his new position.
    The photo shows Lion Don, with Ged and in the background Lion John Jackson looks on.


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    LULU. Hearing dog, Qualified and handed over

    Today after some months of training, implements by our Club Members, Lions Dennis Kelly, Leigh Ross, Don Townson and Laurie Deans, Patricia receiptant, and Lions Hearing Dog, South Australia advisors, Patricia took control of LULU her newly qualified Lion Hearing Dog.
    Lion Dennis is shown handing Patricia the new Lead of LULU, who will now become Patricia's constant companion.
    The day also saw Lion Dennis present the Lion Hearing Dog representative with our Club's cheque for $1,000 which will be used witn the training of additional Dogs through this program.
    This mames us PROUD TO BE LIONS.


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    President hand over

    Immediate Past President Dennis Kelly handing the Gong and Gavel to incoming President Gordon Kieselbach

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    Changeover night held at Queen's Park Golf Club. Induction of new Position Holders was carried out by Life Member Lion Don Townson.
    The photo shows the following Executive Position Holders who were inducted into their new posktions.
    Treasurer.. Mick Harris.
    Secretary.. Julje Benallack
    President.. Gordon Kieselback


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    Disbursement to SURVIVE TO THRIVE

    Survive to Thrive is a program that endeavours to reduce the Suicide Rate amongst our former and current Service Men and Women.

    Our Club became aware of the program through Vicki, pictured with Lion Julie Benallack, who is employed at one of our biggest Christmas Cake Outlets, Community Chemist Belmont, receiving the Club's cheque to assist the program.

    Our Club's Finance/Disbursement Committee recommended our Club's support to the program, which was ratified by members.

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    Our Club new signage.

    To go with our new Marquee and wet weather jackets for our Members, Lion Mick purchased the attached Sign to Cash out our recent received Government Grant.

    Lion Colin Brooker and Ross Tomkins stand by the sign at Bunnings BBQ today.


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    Trauma Bears ... Domestic Violence Police Unit

    Today spent a very rewarding 15 minutes with Lion GRAEME when be presented Senior Sargeant Shaun Johnston , from the Geelong Police Domestic Violence Unit, with a further supply of our Lions Trauma Bears.
    I was of opinion that our Bears were dispersed by Ambulance, Fire Brigade Members and the Police at Fires, Accidents and thelikes, but Shaun enlighten me that his Unit, here in Geelong, uses them wnen they are called to a Domestic Violence episode, something I had not thought about, but having spent the time with Shaun and Graeme now realised that we do have a REAL problem in our community.


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    After a successful Bunnings BBQ, (sausage sizzle), and the selling out of MND Beanies, Club Treasurer, Lion Mick, presented the Club cheque to FIGHT MND Geelong Committee rep Amelia Harnett with our Club's cheque.

    All up the Club raised $1,000 for FIGHT MND.

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    Last year we were asked to hold a BBQ on the third Saturday and Sunday in May, which saw the days clash with our normal Good Guys Monthly BBQ, however we cover both with a financial reward to the Club.

    Again this year we were asked to cater, dates being last Saturday and Sunday, which did not clash with any of our other activities.

    Lions Colin, Graeme, Mick, Ross and President Denis were able to cover the catering, and it just showed how much better off we are with our new BBQ Trailer, as to the ease in setting up and packing up.

    Our silent Member back next to our Sheds, Lion Laurie does a magnificent job of cleaning all our utensils and gear to have ready for our BBQ's.

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    Lion Julie suggested that our ANZAC DAY Bunnings BBQ proceeds go to the RSL for their ANZAC APPEAL, which was agreed to by Club Members.
    Not knowing what to expect we were pretty amazed with the response we were able to achieve, especially after running out of STOCK twice during the day.
    BUNNINGS asked our Club to fire up the BBQ at 10.30am and any sausages and drinks given away BUNNINGS would make a donation to our Club to cover the costs.
    With Day sales and Bunnings donation. Lion Julie as shown in the photo was pleased to present the CEO of the Geelong RSL, Andrew, with our Club's cheque for $1300.00.
    The normal team of Members worked the BBQ and they tell me it was the first time since we have been doing the THURSDAY BBQ's at Bunnings that they actually has a queue.. I also paid the fine for miscalculating the stock requirements.


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    For those that do not live in Australia, since they were diagnosed with MND, Neale Dahiher and a mate Ian Davis, took the fight up to raise funds to find a Cure for the illness. Unfortunately Ian passed away some 12 to 18 months ago, but Neale, who was a STAR Australian Rules Footballer and Coach has continued the challenge through what is called the BIG FREEZE, which is not only supported by Politicians, but more so through High Profile Australian Sports People who each year are selected at Random to slide into a POOL of ICE at Melbourne's World Famous Sporting Oval, the MCG>

    This activity is also supported by the general Australian Public by the purchase of a Specially designed Beanie, which become a must have item each year, as the design changes annually.

    Our Club held a BBQ at Bunnings, Waurn Ponds last week, and we were able through the sale of a supply of these beanies(20) plus sausage sizzle raise almost $1000 for the Cause. The Photo shows our site with Lion Graham resting prior to the influx of customers.

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    National Convention 2019

    Our Club plus the Geelong Club and the Grovedale Waurn Ponds Clubs provided BBQ'S and Members to cook 800 sausages and 800 hamburgers for the luncheon that was enjoyed by the conventioneers.
    Photo shows our newest Member Lion Ross Tomkins discussing days spent in Casterton with Lion Gordon Harwood a previous member of our Club, now with the Grovedale Waurn Ponds Club, both being former residents of the Western Victorian Township,with Lions Graeme Stafford, Julie Benallack, President Dennis Kelly and Shirley Bullingham looking on.

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    Club's Newest Member

    Tonight Lion Ross Tomkins joined the South Barwon Lions Club being inducted into Lions International by Lion Bob Badham, sponsored by Lion Ross's BIL Club Treasurer Lion Mick Harris.
    The photo shows, Lion Mick with his wife Faye who presented Kathy with her Name Badge, Lion Ross, President Dennis Kelly and Lion Bob Badham. Lion Ross and Faye are brother and sister.


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    Lions Hearing Dog Program

    Today I witness how a Lion Hearing Dog is handled and trained within the confines of it's future home.

    Our Club in a joint venture with the Lions Hearing Dog program are providing Belmont Resident Patricia Mitchell, with LULU, a young Black Labradoodle.

    Our Club President Dennis, Secretary Leigh and jack of all trades Lion Laurie have taken the important responsibilty of overseeing and updating of the training of Lulu, so that she meets the requirements of Patricia which will enable Lulu to become A Hearing Aide for Patricia.

    Some signals she responds to already are Door Bell,an door knock, Oven Timer and Fire Smoke alarm, it was very interesting to see how the team of Patricia, Lulu and the Club Members worked together.

    The picture shows President Dennis, and Patricia discussing the progress of Lulu's training.

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    Airshow Downunder Mobile Lions

    Lions Graeme Stafford, driver, and Dennis Hampel, navigator and speed controller, before one of their first exploits. The two control the flow of tickets to the ticket sellers and occasionally wander tnroughout the car park, in one such escapade they assisted a Lady who was having trouble finding the Gold pass area and was heading towards the exit, the lady was delivered to the Gold Pass Area.


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    Volunteering at AIRSHOW DOWNUNDER 1st Day

    A team of 9 of our Club Members volunteered in the Car Park Fee Collection area of the Public Car Park, and will be on duty over the next two days as well.
    Photo shows Club Members and a friend of the Club who operate the outlet, left to right bei g..
    Back Row.. Mick Harris, President Dennis Kelly,Colin Brooker,Bob Badham, and Club friend Ron Hedley.
    Middle row one out.. Shirley Bullingham
    Front row..Phil Rayner, Graeme Stafford, Dennis Hampel,Doug Wynd.
    Far right.. Les Cropley who is the 2019 National Convention Transport Supervisor.

    With extreme heat conditions the Club's 3 Marquees were put to good effect not only by our Club members but also Members from the other Clubs who are involved in the same area as ticket salespersons. The use of the marquees may not seem much, but, it puts our LIONS,emblem out in the Public Area over 3 days of probably the biggest attended event in the Geelong District for the year, when more than 250,000 people will attend.


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    Under extremely hot conditions today our BBQ Committee Members perservered and held our monthly Bunnings BBQ at Waurn Ponds BBQ.Although due to the heat we packed up early but not before we were able to raise sufficient funds to enable our Club reach it's goal of being able to make a donation to this VERY SPECIAL LIONS ACTIVITY of $1,000.00 .

    Our photo shows new incoming Lion Ross Tomkins with chef for the day Lion Graeme Stafford and our prized silent operator Lion Colin "Rowdy" Brooker

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    Geelong Waterfront Spectacular

    Where are you?
    This picture shows just little of what Geelong has to offer.

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    Geelong Waterfront Spectacular

    One only


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    Geelong Waterfront Spectacular

    Some photos taken within the confines of Geelong Waterfront.


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    Festival of Sails

    A couple of Lions Members caught chatting up a couple of BIRDS at today's Festival of Sails.
    Not quiet sure the names of the Sea Gulls but by their coughs they were definately, a him and a her, with him being on the left.


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    Newtown Bike Track Shelter

    The notice board by the Newtown mountain bike track shelter acknowledges the contribution of Lions for the funding for the shelter.

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    BBQ and Coffee at Tree-Planting Day

    On Sunday July 29th, the City of Greater Geelong supported a community tree-planting day where, with the cold weather, many people enjoyed a hot BBQ sausage and a hot drink. The BBQ sausages were provided by our club and the hot drinks were provided by the Geelong Breakfast Lions Club. Nine members from our club helped plus five members from the Breakfast club.

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    New Member

    At our July dinner meeting, we were happy to have the induction of new member Greg Cracknell; Greg and partner Sue have moved to this area from Adelaide. The induction was conducted by Life Member Phil Rayner. The photo shows, from the left - Greg, Phil, Julie Benallack assistant secretary and Gordon Kieselbach president elect.

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    Christmas in July Geelong

    This shows our Boutique Counter in Market Square Geelong from where we sell our Lions Christmas Cakes, Slices and Puddings.

    This year we are selling if our STOCK last 29th & 30th June then 5th, 6th and 7th July.

    This exercise is not only about selling our Products but more importantly exposing our Lions Club to the General Public through another avenue in seeking new Lions Members.

    The bottom line to all our projects is about gaining new Lions Club Members.

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    Trauma Bears

    At our Monthly Bunning's BBQ yesterday a group from the CFA Rescue Team attending to support us. Our Chef of the day, Lion Graeme Stafford, not one to miss an opportunity mentioned our Trauma Bear Program to them, and although they seemed reluctant at first, I think they thought Graeme was trying to sell them something at a cost, once Graeme explained how the Program worked an appointment was made for this morning and Lion Graeme delivered 12 Trauma Bears to their Depot where he was given a tour of the Premises and advised if we ever wanted a Guest Speaker just ask.

    The photo shows Lion Graeme with the team from the Rescue Team.

    The BBQ saw all profits of the day go to Cystic Fibrosis, so whilst we run a BBQ for a certain cause there are times when other opportunities are out there.

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    Fight Kids Cancer

    Photo taken by Lion Julie, just back from visiting her son in the USA and Jet Lagged, Thursday 26th April shows Treasurer Lion Mick, President Lion Dennis, Lion Phil, Graeme and Allan wearing Aprons for Fight Kids Cancer project, Lions Biggest BBQ, which allowed the Club to make a donation of $1,000 to the cause, a little below our expected amount but we are thankful for the support that Bunnings give our Club by allocating us a mid week monthly BBQ.
    A terrific start for Lions Club Australia wide in reaching the $500,000 target for this year.
    As well as Lions in the photo Lions Colin and Roger, who use their private vehicles to move our BBQ trailer from site to site, Lion Shirley also helped out on the day and Lion Wilson due to staff on hand was not required.

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    It had to happen

    Our last Saturday's IGA BBQ was eventually washed out, after braving the elements flr almost 4 hohrs the decision was made to pull up stumps and try another day.

    Thep picture shows our new set up, unfortunately when we set it up we left a gap of about a foot between BBQ trailer and Marquee and when the rains came, we sorta got really really wet, so as we are still learning in setting up our new toy (trailer) we have to remember to WATCH THE GAP.
    Photo provided by Lion Mike Cake shows chef Lion Graeme, Customer Service Officer Lion Allan Scott and Treasurer (taking the cash)Lion Mick Harris.
    If you look closely you can see the GAP which allowed torrential rains to dampen our day.

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    Goodbye Old BBQ trailer welcome our new "Blue Machine"

    After considering the purchase of a NEW COMMUNITY BBQ TRAILER, over a period of the last 5 years, we today released our NEW BBQ Trailer to the Public, at our Monthly IGA BBQ.
    With assistance from the Australian Lions Foundation our new "Blue Machine" will be a terrific asset for our Club because it will save a massive amount of manual labour for our Members, thus member's health will benefit, and as well as servicing the Club needs it will also now allow us to provide a broader Service to our Community, which will allow us to provide assistance in any Emergency situations such as Floods and Wild fires .


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    Santa time

    Lion (Santa) Graeme and Lion Mick (Santa's helper) attended Yarra Street Kinder tonight so Santa could present small gifts to the 100 children who attend the Kinder and 50 of their brothers and sisters, in front of Mum's, Dad's and other family members.
    Santa certainly earnt his gift voucher and is true Lion Graeme's fashion when presented with a Coles voucher, Lion Graeme returned the voucher to the Principal of the Kinder to present to a needy family to help them celebrate their xmas.


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    Guest Speaker Raveena

    Tonight one of our newest Members, commonly known just as Raveena, but correctly Raveena Ranepura, gave our Members and Ladies a very indepth talk on her Motherland, Sri Lanka, culture, religions, tourist attractions, education system plus a number of other points of interest about Sri Lanka.
    Raveena the eldest of 3 children, has a younger brother and sister, with her Mum and Dad who are heavily involved in Civil Engineering, and Raveena is doing a like course at Deakin University here in Geelong.
    Raveena then opened the floor to and answered a number of questions.
    The slides that Raveena showed enlighten us to a very picturesque country.
    The photo shows Raveena speaking with Lion Gordon listening intensly and Lion Phil in charge of the overheads.


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    Today some of our Members, Partners and friends made a visit to Little Creatures Brewery, organised by Lion Graeme Stafford and thanks go to Graeme and his son Cory for organising a terrific day out for those of us that were able to make the Tour.

    Our Tour Guide, RED, kept us entertained with his knowledge of the History of the Business, first established in Fremantle and now with this wonderful asset that Geelong has.

    Most of us had never visited the Little Creatures previously and we were very impressed with the whole story, tour and meal. The conversion from a previous historical building to the current co tenanted brewery is something very special. The eating area alone is massive, and is opened to the Public for meals.The Stainless Steel tanks that assist the process of Beer making are huge.

    A terrific social day was had and the Brewery Tour highly recommended as are the meals.

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    Royal Geelong Show... Car Parking

    Picture shows Lion Graeme receiving Parking Fee from Car Occupants, whilst Lion Doug supervises and caters for the workers by supplying Coffees, with President Dennis waiting for the next customer and Lion Colin ready to direct Families with young children and disable people into their section of the Car Park.

    On the Saturday of the show alone over 1200 cars had been parked up until 4pm and with the gates due to stay opened till 8.30pm many more would need to be parked.

    Our Club would not have been able to manage the 4 days of car parking unless we received the wonderful support of Shane, Buster and Ross, who generously gave up their time to assist our Club, as volunteers.

    A lot of people do not appreciate that without Lions and their volunteers, the cost associated with running these events would be extremely more costly as Lions members at this show cover Car Parking as well as Event entry, at any time there is up to 30 volunteers working, to make these events family affordable.

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    Youth of the Year

    This year, as per usual, being sponsored by National Australia Bank, for whom we are very thankful, saw our two contestants, Lucinda Phillipson and Lawson Smart, entertain our best audience for some years with an enlightment of their views on two popular current affairs topics, in the 2, 2 minute impromptu talks. Should we continue to celebrate Australia Day on 26th January, and should we raise the drinking age to 21.
    Then in their 5 minutes prepared speeches they once again entertained the large audience, with 2 completely different topics, the Power of Words and the Global Problem of Poverty.

    Our photo, shows Club President Dennis , seaching for his glasses prior to formally introducing contestants, Lucinda and Lawson who was judged the winner, and Judges,Ivan Saric, Betty Morrison and National Bank Representative Joanne Cianco to Zone Chairman Les Cropley, prior to ZC Lion Les presenting Club gifts to the 3 judges, and givinghis personal congratulations to both Lawson and Lucinda.
    Another successful night.

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    Legacy Week

    Today commences our week of support of Legacy. Legacy supports families who have lost loved ones who have served in the Armed Services, by providing support in various forms.

    At our Lions Club Stall today, I had an unique customer, that being a Service Labrador, who's owner is confined to a wheel chair and the dog collects articles dropped, fetches and also acts as Company for the lady.
    It just so happened that the husband of the owner was taking tbe dog for it's daily walk, when he came across our stall, and being an ex navy man decided to purchase a Legacy Navy Bear.
    He immediatly placed the Teddy into the mouth of the dog and they continued their walk.
    After passing our stall for the 4th time, I thought I would ask the husband if I could take a photo of the dog with the Bear to promote Legacy, and here it is.

  • New Image

    Donation to Police Kokoda Program

    The Club was priveledged last night, when 2017 Blue Ribbon Policeman of the Year, Andy Brittian, along with one of the young students, Carly Smith, who is participating in the Police's Kokoda Walk, this year, explaining all the details of the Kokoda Walk.

    This year there are 14 students and an equivalent number of support staff making the 9 day trex. This year there is a rest day in the middle of the walk, approx 102 kms covered, when the students mingle with the town folk and school children, to learn a little of their culture.

    The students making the trex are not the School captains and highest achievers but youngster who have experienced difficulties throughout their lives which affect their self confidence.

    All students that have participated in previous years have returned with a special bond between the members of the group and all have gobe on to either gain higher school marks and employment.

    Andy expressed his joy in the fact that one of the boys who has previously participated in the program, is to be inducted into the Police Academy in the coming weeks, and you could see the look of satisfaction on Andy's face whilst he relayed this to us.

    Carly explained her life background and how she found out about the program, and she joined only a few weeks back but with her enthusiasm obviously is a leader in not only the walk but in her future aspirations.

    The photo shows President Dennis handing the Club cheque for $1,000 to Andy with Carly looking on.

    Our Club is very proud to be a small contributor to this wonderful project.

  • New Image


    Photo shows Lisa Savage, representative from ZONTA GEELONG CLUB who issue Breast Cancer Cushions to both Female and Male suffers of Breast Cancer, with Lion Colin and Graeme prior to the commencement of today's BBQ.

    Procceds of the day, enable the Club to make a donation of $500 to the cause.

  • New Image

    MND Fundraising

    Through Lion Mick, the Club were able to gain a supply of MND Beanies, which became a Club fundraiser.
    In all the Club sold out the initial supply and then sold on order, which saw some 17 Beanies being sold all up.
    Great cause, promoted by former Melbourne AFL Football Club Coach Neil Daniher and from sales the Club raised $340 which considering it being our first effort was very rewarding.
    Beanies were sold through Members from as far away as Adelaide and Perth.
    Photo shows Lion Members Mick, Phil, Colin and Gordon showing off their Beanies at our Golf day today.


  • New Image

    Weekly Friday Golf Day and Counter Meal

    Today's saw an added incentive to our normal Friday Golf Day, which usually see a number of our Members and their friends enjoy a round of Golf at the Par 3 Course and then having a counter Meal, when LITTLE CREATURES BREWERY supplied some of their popular product known as "FURPHY", for a couple of day prizes.

    Photo shows nearest pin winner Lion Mick and overall novelty score winner Lion Roger showing off their winnings.

    A big THANK YOU to LITTLE CREATURES for their generousity in supplying the gifts, which were extremely popular.

  • New Image

    Australia Tree Planting Day 2017

    For the 4th year our Club provided BBQ facilities for City of Greater Geelong Council today for National Tree Planting Day. A smaller number of Planters were in attendance today, possIbly effected by the gale force winds that prevailed.

    Fortunately our Marquee, tied down to a Council Truck, survived the day although a close look at the photo shows how close we went to losing the Canopy.

    Lions in the photo are, Graeme, Roger, Phil, President Dennis and Colin. Immediate Past President Gordon was in attendance earlier with Lion Mick being the photographer. Another very good day for the Club.

  • New Image

    Xmas in July Cake Sales

    Today is our second and last Thursday we are selling our Cakes, Medical Books and a supply of MND Big Freeze Beanies in Market Square.
    Last Thursday we sold a box of cakes, and we are hopeful of selling at least another today.
    Lion Mick obtained a supply of 16 MND Beanies and although there are 5 on display he only has 3 left with all proceeds going to the MND Research promoted by past Essendon Footballer and Melbourne oach Neil Daniher who suffers from the illness.
    Should anyonewant to purchase a MND Beanie Lion Mick has access to a supply they are priced at $20 each with all funds going to the Research.


  • New Image

    New Member Inducted in Lions at Changeover Evening

    The latest new member to our Club , Lion Julie Benallack, was inducted into Lions International by PDG Lion Allan Price at the Club's Changeover night.
    Picture shows Sponsor Lion Mick Harris with Lion Julie, PDG Alan Price with outgoing President Lion Gordon looking on.


  • New Image

    Change Over Evening 2017

    Change over head table with from left to right incoming President Lion Dennis Kelly, Lions Lady Andrea Kieselbach. Immediate Past President Lion Gordon Kieselbach, Lion Roger McDonnell, with Lions Lady Noelen McDonnell, and Lions Lady Kerry Ross with Lion Leigh Ross .

  • New Image

    What a guest speaker

    Tonight our Club was very fortunate to have the Recruiting and List Manager of the Geelong Football AFL Club, Stephen Wells, as our guest speaker.
    Stephen took us through his Geelong childhood, his playing football career, and then gave us an outstanding explanation of his recruiting and List Manager Career at the AFL Club.
    Stephen was very open with his talk and it is easily seen why he is so successful with this part of his career, a very special People's skilled person.
    Stephen answered a number of questions from our Members very openly, a d bave a terrific insight into various roles that his position covers.
    We were most priveledge thank Lion Phil was able to obtain Stephen as our Guext Speaker.

    Photo shows Stephen giving our Members and visitors a very informative explanation of his duties with the Football Club.


  • New Image

    Assistance to local Belmont Primary School

    Our Club had encouraged the local Belmont Primary School to apply for the 100 year $1,000 Grant Program, and whilst the School provided the Club with 3 projects they would have liked to apply for a Grant for , the Headmaster thought that perhaps the projects did not fall within the guidelines.

    However, having the list made available to it, the members decided to commit to at least one of the 3 intitial projects to the value of $3,000, hand over of funds made on Monday 15th May 2017.

    A cheque for the amount of $2,400 was presented today to the Headmaster for the installation of a safety net in the school yard, which prevents footballs and other balls played with by the children, going over the fence on to the nearby street.

    As well as this the Club having ititially committed $3,000 then approved to increase our commitment to $3,400, which as well as covering the cost of the net will allow children from disadvantage families attend school camps, when without the Club's support this would not have been possible.

    Our Club has received also appreciation through the School's weekly newsletter.

    We are starting to place our FOOTPRINT in the local Community.

    The photo shows, Past President Lion Bob Badham, President Gordon Kieslebach and Lion Laurie Deans, with Certificate received at the school assembly on Monday.

    Lion Laurie has been contact between the Club and School with this project.

    The Club also stores the School's Bikes, used in their Bike Education within our Sheds.

  • New Image

    Cotton on Foundation Guest Speaker Social Meeting 27th April 2017

    A very interesting insight into the Cotton On Foundation was given to our Members and partners at last night's meeting. A Geelong based Foundation/ Business having grown from a small Farmer's Market type stall into a Multi Million dollar business that employs thousands of people mainly throughout the Southern Hemisphere and does some very special work with children's education in Uganda. Currently having almost 5,000 children attend their schools wiyh the aim of increasing to 10,000 over the coming year.
    A magnificent insight and presentation of the business and one of it's goals.


  • New Image

    Induction of our newest Lion Member

    Tonight the Club were very pleased to induct our Newest and Youngest Member into our Club but more importantly Lions International.

    Ravenna Ranepura, is 21 years of age and a delightful young lady who is in 2nd year of her Civil Engineering University Course, at Deakin University here in Geelong. Ravenna completed her first year of her course in her homeland of Sri Lanka.

    Ravenna parents are involved in the building industry in Sri Lanka.

    Already Ravenna has participated in numerous Club Activites as well as attended a number of meetings.

    In the photo it shows Ravenna receiving her Lions Membership from Inducting Officer Lion Bob Badham with sponsor Lion Mick Harris and in coming President Dennis Kelly and in the foreground is Lion Phil Rayner and Lion Doug Wynd.

    Ravenna's cheerful personality has made her a favourite with all our members and her willingness to help out with our activites is appeciated by us all.

    Lion Shirley now has another Lady in our Club.

  • New Image

    Induction of New Affiliate Member

    Affiliate Member Lions Graeme Stafford wasinducted into Lions Club of Geelong South Barwon Inc tonight by PDG Alan Price, with Club President, Gordon Kieslebach presenting Graeme with is Lions Certificate as sponsor Lion Mick Harris looks on.

    Graeme has shown his desire to help those less fortunate within our Community by participating in most of our fund raising and other service activities over the past 2 years.

    He is chief cook at most of our BBQ'S during the first shift and sometimes be willing belps our during other shifts. It is not beyond Graeme to cook throughout a full Bunnings BBQ.He has assisted with our Christmas Cake salesand most other of our activities.

    Graeme is always good for a laugh and he is always prepared to create a jovial situation with his reading of those nearby with his story telling and his life experiences. His knowledge of people in our area, through his previous employments, and being a Geelong person since birth will be good for our Club .



  • New Image

    Trans Otway Travel Sausage Sizzle

    Saturday 4th February at Geelong West Town Hall our Club is running a Sausage Sizzle at the Trans Otway's Travel Expo between hours of Midday and 3 pm, with all proceeds going to the Leukaemia Foundation. Through pour Member Dennis Kelly we have been invited to hold the fund raising Sausage Sizzle f o r the Leukaemia Foundation.


  • New Image

    Annual Calco Christmas Barbeque

    The Club for the Second year, assisted Calco Timbers Management by working the Barbeque for their annual break up, for which the Lions Club received a donation of funds.

    As can be seen from the photo we had a surprise Chef, when Santa arrived in his full outfit much to the enjoyment of the Calco Workers.

    Lion Colin, pictured, and Lion Mick, photographer, proved solid Santa's helpers as we served up 80 hamburgers and 70 sausages in a matter of about 30 minutes. Of terrific assistance was the fact that the Calco Management had ordered specific numbers, and advised us what time the workers would be presenting for food.

  • New Image

    Club supports young Student in her quest to reach her Goal

    The Club supported a Skye, to attend the Australian Junior Athletics Championships in Sydney, where she achieved a personal best and finished in 10th position overall which was a terrific result. Skye who is a Student at our Local Belmont Primary School gave a short talk and with her Mum thanked the Club for it generous support to her. Skye was congratulated and wished all the best for her future endeavours.
    The photo shows Skye's Mum President of the Club Lion Gordon, Skye and Secretary Lion Roger

  • New Image

    100 years $1000 Grant Monies

    Today President Gordon officially handed over the Art Protection Boards on behalf of our Club to the Art Teacher at Mt Duneed Primary School.

    The school is multi cultured with almost 300 students attendinfg, up some 25% in the past 2 years, mainly due to the new Suburb of Armstrong Creek being developed close by, with expected numbers to exceed 400 over the coming 2 years.
    The photo shows President Gordon with a group of the year 5 and year 6 art classes, who with their teachers were very grateful for the generosity of the Lions in providing the Grant Funds.


  • New Image

    First time for the Club

    A first for our Club today when we really put in a triple effort for our first day of Christmas Tree Sales which coincided with our 2nd Toy Sale for the year as well as Cakes & Pudding Sales.
    All went well and for the rest of December leading up until Christmas each weekend we will be selling Cakes, Puddings, Slices and Trees out of our Sheds at 33 Mt Pleasant Road Belmont.
    A great first day selling of trees for the Club


  • New Image

    Leukaemia Foundation BBQ

    Our Club was asked if we would assist with a BBQ for Assistants(drivers etc) and patients who have been involved with the LF over the past 12 months.

    Being such a good cause President Gordon and fellow Lions who attended agreed that the Lions Club would provide the Sausages and Onions cost free to the gathering as it was for such a good cause.

    The donation was greatly appreciated and with President Gordon's and a number of our members prior involvement with the Foundation as Drivers, etc we discussed future assistance to the Foundation on an availability basis, with mutual agreement.

    Picture shows Lion Roger, Don, President Gordon and Affiliate Member Graeme, Lion Colin was busy preparing for the clean up. Notice there is yet another use for the good old Paper Clip

  • New Image

    Christmas Trees for sale

    Contact Bob Badham or Mick Harris on mobile numbers below for your Christmas Tree for 2016. Orders taken from today, with site sales each Saturday and Sunday during the Month of November from 33 Mt Pleasant Road BELMONT.
    Trees vary in size from 5' to 7', prices on site .
    Bob mob 0409955485
    Mick mob0421236354


  • New Image

    Christmas Trees, Cakes and Puddings for Sale

    We are now in full swing with Cakes and Puddings Sales going along nicely.

    Our Traditional Lions Christmas Cakes weights are 1.5kg, or 1kg, with Puddings weight being 900 grams.

    We also have Christmas Trees for sale, our Trees are freshly cut daily and vary in sizes from 5' up to 7' plus we do have some larger Christmas Trees available.

    Trees are priced at current Commercial Rates we also have Tree Stands for sale, all prices on application.
    Trees are able to be purchased from 33 MtPleasant Road BELMONT on the first 3 weekends in December between the hours of 9am and 4pm, Saturday and Sunday.
    Orders are able to be made from 1st December onwards.
    To purchase or order your Christmas Tree, please contact either of the following Lions Members..

    PROGRAM CHAIRMAN.. Bob BADHAM .mob 0409955485, or

    MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN.. Mick HARRIS mob 0421236354

    To order your Cakes and Puddings please contact Mick HARRIS on above number..


    We are a group of Women and Men who are Community minded, and we always welcome others who would like to join us in our quest to make life just a little better for those in our Community.

  • New Image

    Belmont Primary School Fete 4/11/2016

    Club members doing a little bit for the Community, by running a BBQ for the local, close by, Primary School.

    Members, Mick,Laurie, Graeme, Principal David , Members Colin and Shirley had a very busy night, seeling some 30kgs of sausages to the many parents and children who attended. A nice cheque was handed to Principal David by Lion Colin at the end of the evening.

  • New Image

    JDRF Walk for a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes 2016

    Lions Clubs working together with early arrivals at today's Walk.

  • New Image

    2016 Geelong JDRF Walk for a Cure Type 1 Diabetes

    Today, together with Lions Clubs of Geelong and Geelong Breakfast with our Club,

    we held the 2016 Walk for a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

    The Clubs provided Marquees, BBQ, as well as Jumping Castle and a Generator for the Muscian, and a large workforce towards the success of the day, whi h saw 166 Walkers and a few thousand dollars raised .

    Photo shows Geelong Club secretary Maree and our First Aide Officer for the day, Carli Harris, inspecting Lenny the Lion, watched by someof the 166 walkers.

  • New Image

    Saturday Geelong ShowParking

    Our major annual Fund Raiser, Geelong Show Car Parking over 4 days, saw sunny conditions, plenty of Motor Vehicles and probably a record crowd which saw the Public Car Park and Member's Car Park bursting at the seams.
    The picture attached was taken at about 11am today with Cars queuing up to one kilometre to enter the Car Parks, just before the midday rush.


  • New Image

    Christmas Cakes, slices and Puddings arrive

    Received our first Order of the above today.

    Fitted very nicely in our Dry Room thanks to the Packing ability of Lion Colin, thanks for your help Colin.

    The order comprised:

    50 boxes large cakes. 500

    30 boxes of small cakes. 360

    7 boxes of Puddings. 84

    10 boxes of slices. 450

    Plus we still had about a box of smalls a box and a half of Puddings and 4 large cakes left over from last year.

    So now the challenge is there for us to sell thelot this year.

    It will mean that we all cannot let an opportunity go, "BELIEF" I know we will do this on our ear.

  • New Image

    Another day another activity

    Today, Faye & I invited Lion John McKinnin, from the Corio Norlane Lions Cljb to meet us at the home in Torquay where we were collecting toys etc from.

    We were able tl give John 6 different bikes for the CN Bike program, made up of 1 Mono bike, a 2nd rider bike, a special care bike and 3 other bikes. We asked John if he would like to top of his ute load with other goods for the CN op shop and as can be seen from the photo we were able to fill the ute up with saleable goods. We also collected another 2 boxes of unopened toys and sundries for our Club's next garage sale.

    Picture shows John tying off his load.

    This is another example of Lions Clubs working together

  • New Image

    Clubs working together

    Today Faye & I were able to deliver two car loads of various household goods from a family we have a connection with, on behalf of our Lions Club South Badwon to the Corio Norlane Lions Club op shop, with the goods being received with enthusiasm, so much so some of the goods from the first load were sold off before we returned with the second load.
    Photo shows two reps from C/N Club from me being on the right of the photo.

    Everybody a winner out of this exercise, as well organised for a couple of bikes to be collected for their Club's bike project.


  • New Image

    Youth of the Year 2016

    Tonight we held our yearly heat of the Youth of the Year, which is generousily sponsored by the National Australia Bank, with unfortunately only 2 contestants, as originally Lion Dennis has 5 students registered, but due to other commitments 3 had to withdraw from the night.

    It is enlightening to hear our Youth's aspect on current affairs and their thoughts on topical items of interest, and it is disappointing that our Members do not support this special evening with a 100% attendance.

    Our winner tonight was Rachmat BASSON, with runner up being Amelia DAWSON.

    Our judges being NAB Manager,Adam Scott, Ivan Saric and Betty Morrison, Club President Gordon and YOTY coordinator Lion Dennis made presentations to the Students and Judges on behalf of the Club.

    We now wish Rachmat well as she progresses to the next Level, being Zone,then followed by Region, State and National level.
    Photo shows, President Gordon, Lion Dennis with contestants, Amelia and Rachmat and Judges Betty, Ivan and Adam

  • New Image

    100. $1000 CLUB. Celebrating 100 Years Lions International serving our Australian Communities

    Tonight our Club, Geelong South Barwon Inc, had the pleasure in meeting and talking to Karen Michell, who applied on behalf of the Mt Duneed Primary School, with success, to gain a $1000 Grant through our 100 year Community Grant Scheme.

    Karen is the Art Teacher at the Primary School, and the Grant Funds will go towards a Display Board for the children's Art.

    The Mt Duneed Primary Scool has grown enormously over the past 2 to 3 years increasing numbers from mid 150 to in excess of 300 students, and our Club hopes this is the cirst of many contacts with the School.

    The photo shows Club Secretary Lion Roger McDonnell, with Karen and Club President Gordon Kieselbach.

    Karen accepted the Club's invitation to join us at our Youth of the Year Activity.

  • New Image

    Assisting Legacy

    Photo shows PDG and current Lion Club Member Alan Price checking out the set up of our Sales site for Legacy Products, prior to commencing sales today, 30/9.

    Our Club assist Legacy annually in this worthwhile activity, and over the ensuing 5 days we will raise in excess of $1200 for War Widows, better known as Legatees. (Legacy).

    Our Club plays a small, but rewarding part with Legacy product sales, and last year alone $80,000 was raised from these sales, throughout the Geelong area.


  • New Image

    You may need this contact one day. A potential future project for our Club

    Following on from our Social Meeting last night we list a contact that in the future may become important to you.

  • New Image

    Social Evening with Rhook's Reptile Rescue

    A well attended Social Meeting, with a number of Lions Partner enjoying a nice meal and an entertaining presentation, presented by Darren Rhook and Partner Tracey George, enlighten all on the perils and benefits of Australia's variety of Venomous Snakes, Lizards, Spiders and Scorpions.
    With a visual Display Darren entertained all with his life time history of being in the Industry, as well as giving vital information into the care needed in treatment of a bite, or how to avoid such an incident happening.
    He answered a number of question from those present, which covered a variety of experiences or potential accident.
    The business Motto of " If they Scare, I care" was well reflected over the evening with the presentation and left many Lions and their Partners with a very different aspect/awareness of treatment of our wildlife.
    Darren's knowledge of all aspect was very educational.
    Shown in the Picture is President Gordon, who thanked Darren and Tracey on their presentation and handed them a small gift on behalf of the Club in appreciation .


  • New Image

    Another photo of Mick's Shed

    Notice the smile on Lion Colin's face which was caused due to the fact that the Shelves fitting in as a whole unit.

  • New Image

    Our Christmas Storage Unit

    Today with a little adjustment we now have our Storage Dry Room up and running.

    Thanks to Lion Colin and his band of two helpers Cakes were placed in the Dry Room today.

    Many of us have heard of "Jeff's Shed" now I have taken the initative and named it simply "Mick's Shed" and I would have no known reason why. The alternative was the "Grant Shed"

  • New Image

    Tree Planting Day

    This pic shows the Lions Club of Geelong South Barwon and Geelong Breakfast Club catering for the planters for the 2016 Tree Planting day which saw 2000 young trees planted during the day.
    Breakfast Club have invited our Club to provide the BBQ whilst they provide the Cuppa and bikkiesI was with both Clubs working well together.
    This is the 3rd year that the two Clubs have worked on this project which will see the whole of the Geelong Ring Road lined with an avenhe of trees.
    Weather conditions this year were in complete contrast to last year, with bright sunny conditions compared to galeforce winds and heavy rain last year.

    Our Club appreciates the opportunity to work with our fellow Lions, Peter & Alan from the Breakfast Club, and our 8 Members who helped cook up to 500 sausages enjoyed the project.


  • New Image

    Lion go everywhere.

    Immediate Past President Bob Badham found this Wild Life in far North Queensland on his and Helen's current journeys.

  • New Image

    Geelong Kokoda 2016

    South Barwon were pleased to have policeman Andy Brittian, program organiser, and Jessie Aylett, at the Club to give a talk about the Geelong Kokoda Program at our Social meeting tonight.

    Andy takes a group of up to 15 students from various schools from around Geelong and the Bellerine Peninsular, to do the Kokoda track trek. As part of their development as future leaders in our Communities.

    Most of the students are year 11 and below and have various difficulties fitting in to school and community life, and the results from this program which started in 2013 has seen 33 of the 34 attendees improve their attitudes towards the areas that had needed some improvements.

    This year a group of 9 girls and 6 boys are doing the trek in September,Jessie being one, and she will come back later in the year to provide the Club with some feedback and tell us of the experiences she has had on the trek.

    Our Club were very pleased to make a contribution of $1,000 towards this year's cost of the tour which overall costs $200k approximately, with all funds being sourced from outside sponsors. Support staff on a 1 for 1 basis, which include Medico and other required personnel, makes up a total team of 30 .

    Attachment: President Gordon about to present Andy and Jessie with a donation of $1000 on behalf of our Club.

  • New Image

    The Good Guys BBQ

    Presentation of Certificate of Appreciation by President Lion Gordon to Floor Manager of the day at The Good Guys Fyans Street Geelong ,Joe Tuccio.

    Our Club has been fortunate enough to be allowed to hold our BBQs at the entrance of The Good Guys premises for the past 5 years raising funds,approx. $15k, for the less fortunate in our community.

    Photo shows President Lion Gordon Kieselbach presenting Certificate to Joe, in front of our latest BBQ.
    In background..Affiliate Member Graeme Stafford, Lion Colin Brooker & Alan Scott.

  • New Image

    City of Greater Geelong Bike Tract opening

    Our Club was invited to run a BBQ at the City's new Bike Track off Fyans Road West opening today. Initially the instructions given were to cater by cooking just 50 sausages and cooking for about 45 minutes, with a donation negotiated.

    Under wet and dark clouds we set up and commenced cooking and it was soon evident that the numbers provided to us were gojng to be exceeded. After cooking some 10kgs of sausages over about a 90minute period, we negotiated a new deal with the City packed up and retired to our Den.

    Thanks to Lions, Mick Morgan, Roger McDonnell, Colin Brooker and Associate Lion Graeme Stafford and thanks also to Lion Laurie who unbeknown to many washes and cleans all our BBQ equipment, ready for the next activity.

    Apologies for the quality of the photo but as can be seen it was a really dull, overcast and wet day.

  • New Image

    Another dah another Bunnings BBQ

    The day starting at 5 degrees at best saw 3 of our BBQ team set out to run a BBQ at Bunnings Waurn Ponds in support of Barwon Health to enable Barwon Health to purchase a new vehicle that will be used to transport Patients to and from Hospital for their various treatment needs.
    Throughout the day, when the barometer plummeted to near 1 degree and very wet conditions, all up 4 Club members and our ever reliable Associate Member Graeme, made sure that the BBQ was conducted successfully,with an amount of in excess of 550 dollars being raised.
    The customers of Bunnings were most appreciative of Lions being available to hold the BBQ.
    As can be seen from the photo Colin, Graeme and Alan were rugged to the hilt, as were Mick H and Laurie. The actual BBQ though was a haven for us all to keep warmthroughout the day, and we will have to invent a way of blowing the warmth out onto our workers


  • New Image

    Medical Emergency Booklets

    Geelong South Barwon Lions Club now have an outlet for the above Project located in a brand new Medical Clinic located at High Street, Glen Iris, Melbourne..


  • New Image

    Club Bunnings BBQ Supporting Starlight Foundation

    On a roster basis we were fortunate to firstly be issued with a Tuesday, 16th June, Barbque at Waurn Ponds Bunnings Store, and we were well rewarded with an amount of $695 being profit for the Day, and the Roster was well filled with Members on the day.

    This BBQ followed on from another Bunnings BBQ, a week earlier,when we were able to raise $576 for Matthew Flinders Secondary College with the support of 13 Senior Girls, and one teacher, who more than adequately filled the Roster and certainly entertained Lion Colin and Mick and Associate Member Graeme, and the Girls were well mannered, respectful and a credit to their parents and their teachers.

  • New Image

    Working with CALCO TIMBERS for Men's Health

    Associate Member Graeme, Lions Colin and Mick conducted the Lions BBQ at the Calco Timbers premises on Friday 10th June and cooked/ served 60 Hamburgers and up to 100 sausages for their 60 employees just under 1 hour, before dispersing for a long weekend break. Report received today 16th June was that all Employees were fit for work on the Tuesday and they were more than happy with the Lions Club for providing our Service.

    Whilst we set out to Serve the Business our Club also will gain with the Members being approached seeking out if the Club could utilise the Offcuts from Calco Timbers. Since the BBQ we have contacted a Men's Club that are more than happy to take up our Offer and we will inspect when a suitable time can be established. This will put the Club in good standing with not only Calco but also the Men's Clubs that will benefit from the use of the offcuts.

    The Lions Club have also gain 2 new Xmas Cakes outlets, from the day.

    Calco Timbers not only covered all costs for the day, but also made a donation to the Club.

  • April 3rd Wednesday morning Cuppa and Chat

    Unfortunately no photos from today but we had a great morning this morning with 10 Members being present along with 2 visitors from other Clubs and a lady who made a generous donation to our Club.

    We were able to support the Corio Norlane Club, Richard,this time with bedding and clothes for their homeless project in their local area. We obtained the goods through PDG Lion Allan Price, from a clearing sale, and a dollar value of about 500 dollars plus.This reciprical support is strengthening as both Clubs support one another in at least 3 projects now a case of Lions Working together.We have supplied some bikes plus this clothing and in return Corio Norlane help us with our Geelong show Parking requirements.

    Peter, from Breakfast Club, offered us 2 BunningTuesday BBQ on 3rd May and 14th June which we have agreed to take,then

    Rhonda from the Sewing Ladies who olerate fro our nejghbouring building called over and offered us all her late husband's garden and mechanical tools, we agreed that Lions Doug and Laurie would collect next Wednesday morning .

    We also packed up and sent off almost 1200 pairs of recycled eye glasses in 7 boxes.

    So any Lion Member or Member of the Public who would like to have a Cuppa and chat with us please feel free to call in on the 3rd Wednesday of any month between the hours of 10am and midday and you may be lleasantly surprised.


  • New Image


    Today was the first day of sales of Anzac Merchandise with our Club sharing the task with the Belmont Rotary Club.

    This joint venture could well leave the way open for many more joint activites in the coming years, as both Clubs do many worthwhile activites in our local Community.
    For all our Overseas Public ANZAC is a day dedicated to Australian and New Zealand Armed Service Personnal who have served our Countries in/at War or Conflict that have enabled our Countries to stay free Countries. These Women and Men are remembered annually on the 25th April, special events are marches held in all Capital Cities and and many other locations throughout both Countries.

    Photo shows our Membership Chairman, Mick Harris, with Rotarian Bill Hill, at the changeover of shifts,

  • New Image

    Social meeting March

    A couple of pics from our March Social Meeting guest speaker Maureen O,Keeffe from Diversitat, educated 30 members,partners and visiting potential members.


  • New Image

    East Geelong Primary School Fete BBQ

    The 4 boys hard at work, before the rush.
    Lion Mick, President Lion Bob,Affiliate Graeme, Lions Colin


  • New Image

    East Geelong Primary School Fete BBQ

    Lions Colin Brooker, Mick Morgan Shirley Bullingham, President Bob Badham, affiliate member Graeme Stafford and Anne McCulloch at work at the BBQ doing their various activities to make our first BBQ visit to the school. The members were thanked by the School Principal and the School Committee for not only servi ingthe BBQ that raised over 800 dollars for the school but also the 2 Lions and Graeme for assisting the Office Staff with the unloading of a truck load of school stationary.


  • New Image

    Egg and Bacon Muffins by the hundreds

    Geelong South Barwon Lions Club today provided just over 300 Egg and Bacon Muffins for supporters and competitors for the 2016 Victorian State Water Polo Championships at Kardinia Park Swimming Complex this morning.
    Photo shows Lions Marquee and part of the large crowd at the Championships.


  • New Image

    Another day another Gift in

    Today following on from yesterday, when we were able to supply items to 2 needy families, we were able to supply another family with this very solid Kitchen suite, which was greatly appreciated. These items are the result of our PDG, Lion Alan Price, seeing an opportunity and thevalue, for our Club to help those less fortunate by obtaining the items from an outlet. Thanks Alan.

    Attachment: Dining suite on it's way out of our Lion's Den

  • New Image

    Moving furniture

    With the assistance of Lion Peter Johnson from Geelong Breakfast Club, Lion Colin and Mick were able to move Washing Machine,Microwave Oven,Double Bed Base and Mattress,plus a clothes dryer/horse to a couple of needy families one being in Ocean Grove.

    All the furniture was received by the South Barwon Club through the awareness of PDG Lion Alan Price who saw the potential of the Club being able to assist needy families.

    Another Lions Club of Geelong South Barwon Inc Activity

    Attachment: Photo shows Lion Peter and Colin stablising the load of furniture prior to it's delivery to the needy families.

  • New Image

    Bunnings BBQ

    A great turn up of Members together with assistance from Graeme and Anne, our volunteers, saw the Club hold a successful BBQ at Bunnings last Sunday.

    Proceeds from the day will go towards the Club's donation to Fire and Flood victims.

    Photo shows Lion Don checking that Lion Shirley has the Notes in the correct order, Lion Colin organising the bread,with Doug acting Chef, Phil waiting to show his PR skills.


  • New Image

    Christmas Cake Stall in Market Square

    We held a one day Stall in Market square for a reasonable successful day of selling and also a potential new member for the Ocean Grove Club, which makes the day even more worth while.

    The Staff at Market Square were very accommodating an could not do enough for us. we have been welcomed back for next year which I think we will take up and probably spend a few more days selling there as it is a totally different clientele from what is experienced in Westfield.

    Attachment: Photo is a view of our Site in Market Square. PRESIDENT BOB & ALL MEMBERS OF LIONS CLUB OF GEELONG SOUTH BARWON INC. wish all supporters a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  • New Image

    Staff at carols in the Park

    We had a terrific mix of Lions and support staff who always help the Club out at our Activities.
    Affiliate Member Graeme, Anne McCulloch friend of Lion Shirley, Faye, wife of Membership Chairman, and family friend of the Harris' Shirley
    Front of Marquee Staff, Shirley and Shirley seated, Faye & Anne receiving orders from Chefs, Graeme & Colin , whilst Club Secretary Roger is involved with Public Relations.

  • New Image

    Carols In the Park Highton 2015

    Although the crowd was down by a bit of 50%, some approx. 700 turned out to celebrate the annual Highton Carols for 2015.

    For the second year our Lions Club provided a BBQ raising funds for the cause, with all funds going through the Church group to support an Orphanage in Africa through the Bushikori Christian Centre.

    We had a terrific team of workers, not only Lion Members but also Graeme, Affiliate Member, Faye, wife of, and Terry & Shirley Baker friends of Membership Chairman, Lion Mick, and Anne McCulloch, friend of Lion Shirley who often helps the Club out at our Activities.

    In the photo shot you see Secretary of the Club Lion Roger McDonnell handing over the Club's donation, $370, to Lucy Stone, the representative from the Bushikori Centre, while Lion Mike Cake looks on. In the background is Lion Shirley and friend Anne McCulloch as well as Affiliate Member Graeme, and Lion Colin almost obscured.
    Lion Mike Cake introduced this Activity to the Club in 2014.

  • New Image

    Our little girl Tulli Seabert

    Today at the IGA BBQ we were visited by a close friend of our Club, Tulli Seabert.

    Tulli's association commenced with the Club a couple of years back when the Club were able to assist her by providing a specialised chair, a need that helped the family care for Tulli.

    Tulli's family have been very generous supporters of our Club BBQ's ever since and from time to time bring Tulli down to our BBQ to allow us to say hello and also to see how Tulli is growing.

    Today was a very special day, as Tulli's Mum, Bec, brought Tulli along and Lion Roger's Grand parent instincts took over, with a little help from Mum, which resulted in Tulli having a good giggle which really gave Roger much pleasure, in fact all 4 lions present were pretty happy.

    Tulli has certainly grown, and her Mum, Dad, and the family support team are a magnificent team who care so much for this young lady in helping her manage her condition.

    Photo shows, Lion Shirley & Roger serving a customer, with Tulli's Uncle & Auntie looking on and Tulli being cared for by her Mum, Bec, but notice Tulli has eyes only for Lion Roger.

    Another rewarding reason for being a Lion.

  • New Image

    A combined effort with IGA

    Some couple of months back we were asked if the Club could assist a young lady, who was confined to a wheel chair, and reliant on a carer, her Mum, for transportation and most other things in life. The young lady, Zoe Zanos, has developed as an artist and recently showed her first works at her first Art Show.

    The reason our club was asked was caused by the specialised car that Zoe relied on for her transport had been written off in an accident and she needed to raise funds for a replacement specialised vehicle. A figure of $80k is needed and to date she advised today that her supporters have been able to raise 12k so there is a way to go.

    IGA offered Zoe's friends to supply produce for a BBQ and then our Club was approached through our Membership Chairman if we would conduct a BBQ, but due to bookings we were only able to hold the BBQ until November.

    The photo shows, Zoe's Mum, Zoe, President Lion Bob, IGA Employee who instigated the BBQ, Simone and IGA Manager Ben, with Zoe receiving a cheque from Lion Bob for a total of $406.50 which Zoe really appreciated.

    The Members reward for this activity is seeing the smile on Zoe's face, and another reason why we are Lions.

    To learn more on Zoe's story just Goggle Zoe Zanos, it is a terrific read.

  • New Image

    IGA BBQ Welcomes our newest Club Member

    Lion Laurie Deans, the Clubs Newest Member was inducted to BBQ duties today under the watchful eyes of Team A. As can be seen in the photo Lion Laurie was not taking any backward steps as he directed Lion Doug as to where to put the Cake money,while Lion Phil who is our BBQ grading officer showed more interest in the Camera as to his apprentices performance, while Lion Neil was just making sure doing his quality control system was correct. At the end of the shift Lion Phil gave Lion Laurie a pass but he still has 12 months training prior to receiving his first BBQ level Certificate fromTeam A. Laurie swap shifts/teams and you will graduate straight away.

  • New Image

    Laurie's Lorry

    Laurie's Lorry made it's maiden visit to the Den today and proved a very worthy addition to Laurie's arsenal. Laurie assisted some of our Clients today to transport their purchases, from the Shed where our Toy/Book Sale was held, to their vehicles, and as can be seen from the photo the customers were very pleased with the service Laurie gave them.


  • New Image

    Toy, Book and Hookey Board, Den Sale

    Today 28/11 saw the Club hold a successful Den Sale with a large number of Members turning up to mix with the Crowd of interested customers.

    Items were walking out the door, and yours truly will have to take responsibility for the sale of our Hookey Board, when a lady picked it up, as I had not put it away, and she made an offer too good to refuse.

    We were able to move about 25% of toys and books and next weekend with a little more advertising we hope to move more.

    The Club has also been able to assist a young Geelong Mother with a Child's cot and mattress from these items and as well as a young single Mum who has had a suffered a stroke received a very solid and well kept dining table, valued between $600 and $1k thanks to a contact the Club received through Lion Geoff Reader.
    Updated 5th December... Proceeds of the final day of our Book & Toy sale saw the Club raise in excess of $1,000 which in due course will be distributed to needy people in our area. As well as a financial gain we were also able to assist a number of other people, including the local Toy Library, with marked down Toys and Books issued to a retirement Village.

  • New Image

    50th Anniversary

    Our International Visitors, Jo & Oliver, enjoying the Club's celebration.


  • New Image

    50th Anniversary

    Our Club celebrated 50 Years of Community Service last night at Geelong RSL Club Rooms.
    Part of the gathering who helped the Club celebrate, with part of the many Bannerettes that various Club Members have gathered over the years in the background


  • New Image

    Preparation for Monster Toy Sale 28th November

    This is an example of some of the New and Pre Loved Toys, Board Games, Books and Sundry Items that Lion Doug, his wife Gwen and their band of "Merry Helpers/Lions" have prepared for the upcoming Sale.

    All we need now is a fine day and plenty of buyers.

    All items are priced at Bargain prices, and with a little bit of luck there may even be another supply of Toys received this week/

  • New Image

    Our Club do our little bit towards Remembrance Day

    This week and up until 11th November our Club Members are selling Items for the RSL for Remembrance Day.

    President Bob Badham is shown doing his 2 hourly shift in High Street Belmont, today. To date the shifts sales are doing very well, and thanks to all who have put their hand up to help this wonderful cause.

    Past DG Alan Price has taken control of this Activity for the Club and filled the Roster from Club Members.


  • New Image

    Our Newest Member

    Because Laurie and Joy are not able to be present at the Club's 50th Anniversary, due to a prior important family commitment, after being accepted by the Club for membership Laurie DEANS was inducted by Past DG Allan Price at last Business Meeting.

    Laurie has already attended a number of Club meetings and has done a heap of work at our new Den, using his skills to benefit the Club.

    He has removed wheels from IGA Trolleys and attached them to our Display Boards as well obtained other wheels for the 4 smaller Display Boards, and is completing attaching these wheels to the Boards, saving our Members from having to carry the boards everywhere.

    He has also structured the Waste Collection so Members please follow the directions as they are simple and easy to follows.

    He has also seen to opening the Den doors on days of extreme heat so as to air the sheds allowing the Christmas Cakes and Puddings to have some airflow, and he has also supplied a clock for the Den so now the Members have no excuse for being home late.

    Due to his close proximity to the Den, Laurie has volunteered to take Cakes and Puddings down to our Belmont Sale outlet should we run out during our selling period in December. So as you can see Laurie has really involved himself with our Club even before he officially became a Lion.

    Picture shows Past District Governor Allan Price, new member Lion Laurie and Laurie's sponsor Lion Mick Harris

  • New Image

    Toy Sale

    Lion Mick was able to locate a large number of Toys and sundry other items, that a young family had no further use for. As you can see we had a good roll up of Members and helpers, those missing in the photo was Lions Alan Price and potential new Member Laurie Downs.

    All in all the members sorted most out and we are now almost in a position
    , to hold a Toy Garage Sale, and all going well it will be held end of November.

    We are fortunate that we have the new shed at our disposal because had we not we would have not been able to hold this activity. The photo shows only one side of the shed, when in fact the toys are laid out over the whole shed.

    To date we have assisted a young family by removing these toys and also a few of the items have already been sold off, with a Bed set and mattress being donated to Geelong Mothers Group.

    In picture Lion Don, Dennis,Doug, affiliate Graeme and Lion Mick Morgan

  • New Image

    Royal Geelong Show

    Main Car Parking Entrance


  • New Image

    Royal Geelong Show

    Today the second day of the 4 day show and Lion Club of Geelong South Barwon Members were out in force, with Car Parking responsibilities. To date two fairly normal days building up to a very busy weekend, when Club Members will be called on to park up to 3000 cars over the next 2 days.

  • New Image

    Youth of the year 2015

    Youth evening.

    Coordinator Lion Dennis Kelly, Lion Bob Badham. Adam Scott (NAB Representative/ Sponsor of evening) Danny Connor (Solicitor Slater & Gordon) Betty Morrison (Retired Teacher) Cathy de Rosso (Christian College Winner), Samantha Currie (Kardinia International College), Rachmut Basson and Jarrod Karpal both from Belmont High School.

    Cathy de Rosso was overall winner of the Youth of the Year held by the Lions Club of Geelong South Barwon Inc on Wednesday 15th October held in front of an enthusiastic audience at the Geelong RSL Club.

    I will update clearer with all names tomorrow.

  • New Image

    Juvenile Diabetes Type 1

    A casual day at the Office, Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre, saw our Lions representative raise $265.05 for Walk for a Cure, Geelong, which is beheld on this Sunday 11th October. A Lions project between a number of Lions Clubs within the Geelong District.
    Anyone wanting to support can donate by logging into JDRF Geelong 2015 Walk and pick a name to sponsor.


  • New Image

    More Bikes for Corio Norlane Lions Club Project

    Thanks to IPP Lion Shirley and Lion Don today I was able to hand over 5 bikes for the Corio Norlane Lions Club Bike Program.
    It actually fell into place fairly well with after collecting from Lion Don the people IPP Lion Shirley arranged to deliver bikes, arrived on time at our Lions (Sheds) Den on time at 2.30pm. I then phoned C/B Lions rep and within 20 minutes bikes were on the back of his ute and off to be cleaned up/repaired and then given to new owners, who otherwise could not afford to own bikes.
    Lion John, from CB/N Lions said that he has already issued 91 repaired bikes, and has at least another 50 odd in his back yard waiting to either be brought up to scratch or handed on. He made a couple of really interesting comments: Firstly one of his suppliers is the Waurn Ponds Police Station and the other comment was that out of the 4 students he is working with on repairing the bikes he has one who is so keen on helping him, the young fellow comes out of school time to help repair the bikes and is looking for a job in a similar field.


  • New Image

    Support for another Club's Activity

    Today, fellow Lions, I had the pleasure of handing over two Push Bikes to the Corio Bay/Norlane Push Bike Program.
    The Picture shown illustrates the two bikes that I was able to handover, one donated by a chap called Chris Gniel, who I will follow up to see if he would like to become a Member, and our Daughter, Naomi, donated her bike.
    I spoke to Lion John McKinnin of the CB/N Club and he advised me that to date he has repaired 91 bikes and handed them on at an average cost of $10.50 per bike. He also has 4 students who are not academically high achievers but John has them for a few hours per week, they strip the bikes back and then reassemble them. The students are learning to do things which is John's reward. As well as the 2 bikes I gave John2 bike pumps, and a head light rear light set. To say he was over the moon would be an understatement because his words to me were "Geez I won't have to do much to these". Value of these two bikes brought new would probably be close to $1500, so we can take pride in assisting our fellow Lions club in one of their worthy Activity.


  • New Image

    Zone Chairman's Visit

    Zone Chairman, Allan Reeve, visited the Club for our Monthly Business meeting last night, and was included in some healthy Club discussions. Also advising the Members of various matters within the District and Zone.

  • Lions Club of Geelong South Barwon Ltd. Supported the following 2014/15

    The Lions Club of Geelong South Barwon Ltd, beneficiaries for 2014/15 year were:

    Our Elderly with Emergency Medical Information Booklets

    Children Cancer Appeal

    Ride to Work Appeal

    Canteen. Kids with Cancer

    St John's Bushukori Appeal through Carols by Candlelight held at Highton

    School Bursaries Secondary & Primary Schools

    Crime Watch.. Teddy Bears

    Geelong Mums.. Purchase of materials for working group

    Lions Eye Health

    Red Shield Appeal

    Australian Lions Drug Awareness

    Stroke Foundation

    Lions Cord Blood Foundation..

    Lions Prostate Cancer Research

    Australian Lions Foundation

    Lions International Foundation

    Christ Church Community Meals

    Make a Wish Foundation

    Cottage by the Sea

    Victorian Lions Foundation

    Lions Hearing Dogs

    Mission to Seafarers

    Access Ministries

    Vision Australia Radio Broadcast

    Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Research for a Cure

    Festival of Sails

    Airshows Down under.

    Geelong Royal Agricultural Show

    Toast of the Coast

    Geelong Junior Polo Club...State Championships
    Geelong Senior Polo Club.. State Championships
    Country Fire Brigade Junior State Championships

  • New Image

    Morning Tea at the "LIONS SHEDS"

    This morning, 5/8/15, 19 Members and friends enjoyed a jovial Morning Tea and small working bee in our new residence.
    Lions packing recycle glasses for mailing off to Queensland .

  • New Image


    Sunday 26/7 saw our Club provide a BBQ for the Tree Planters on the ring Road Project of Greening the Roadway.

    6 of our Members along with Associate Member Graeme, cooked sausages, held on to the tent and learnt what life is like being an Eskimo.

    We lost part of the Tent Canopy mid afternoon but with utter strength of our Members we were able to re-establish the Canopy. After cooking for some 4 hours the organisers decided that we had done our job and after cooking some 300 sausages we had had enough.

    It would have to be the windiest and coldest place to have spent an afternoon in Geelong, and once the order to stop cooking was given one has never seen the Marquee taken down and packed up so quickly.

    We must thank the City of Greater Geelong for providing one of their vehicles that enabled us to tie our Marquee to the truck, because without the truck we would not have been able to function and we would have been searching Bass Strait for the remains of our equipment.

  • New Image

    District Governor's 2015 Visit

    Our Club had the honour of being the First Club in our District to be visited by our new DG Wayne Oakes and his wife Judy on Wednesday night 22nd July.

    DG Wayne encouraged Members and those present to look outside the square in our endeavours of improving our Club. Not to be frighten to use past ideas as well as any new ones.

    Amazing what discussion one simple GLASS can create.

    The night was a very enjoyable evening, and later it was established that DG Wayne's main thrust in his DG Year is support to Juvenile Diabetes. A program that is close to our Club and others in the Geelong Area through our Walk for a Cure held on the 2nd Sunday of October each year, to which we have raised almost $60,000 over the 3 years we have been supporting Juvenile Diabetes.

  • New Image

    Early Morning IGA BBQ 11/04/2015..FIGHT KIDS CANCER

    Lions at work 10am till 12.30pm shift.

    Left to right: President Shirley, Secretary Roger, Lion Neville and Chef Lion Doug

  • New Image


    This is our First of 3 BBQ's for April with all Proceeds going towards Fight Kids Cancer.
    Left to Right at Midday to 2pm Shift:
    President Lion Shirley, Life Member Lion Don, Lion Neville, waiting for his taxi, and Chef Lion Dennis.

    We have another two BBQ's coming up this coming Friday & Saturday at The Good Guys and we are well on our way to raising our Target of $1,000 plus for the cause.

    Notice the Apron provided by Lions Kids with Cancer, we felt it was the most appropriate way of advertising the cause rather than have a member wear it, look for it at The Good Guys this Friday & Saturday.

  • New Image

    Club Trailer Now has a Crate & Name and is Registered.

    Should anybody be looking for our Club Trailer we are now able to identify thanks to Lion Andrew, Alan/Mick M & Roger.

  • Lions Biggest BBQ 2015- KIDS WITH CANCER

    This Saturday 11th April @ IGA., Marshalltown Rd Grovedale...

    Next Saturday 18th April @ The Good Guys, Fyans St. Geelong...

    All proceeds going to this very worthy cause, we are hoping to raise at least $1,000..

  • New Image

    Open Air Meeting

    First meeting at the New Location

  • New Image

    New Premises for our Club. 33 Mt Pleasant Road BELMONT

    The Club held it's first meeting at our New Location, 33 Mt Pleasant Rd Belmont, 25th February, so that all members were able to inspect all aspects of the venue.
    The photo shows Lion Mick Morgan, Shane Minahan and Allan Price three of the workers who worked hard to make the evening possible.
    The "open air" atmosphere allowed for a varied discussion between Members, on our needs going forward for the site to fit our needs.

    Over period of the next few months we will move permanently to the site, as it has facilities not only for storage as can be seen, but out of the photo is the meeting rooms that are also available on site.

  • New Belmont Residence for Lions

    Three of our Members heavily involved in making our New Premises in Belmont ready for our first "outdoor" meeting on site.

  • New Image

    Junior Polo ..Lions Workers

    As you look at the picture... from right to left..

    Affiliate Member Graeme, nominating which piece of bacon to put on the Muffin being held carefully by Lion Bob, whilst Lion Mick endeavours to load his Tongs with a well cooked egg in readiness for when Lion Bob turns to him, while Lion Colin is busily trimming edges of one of the 300+ eggs he cooked, and the queue grows, but never complained as the service was excellent.

  • New Image

    Lions & Vic Junior Water Polo State Championship

    This is where our next Team of Olympian Water Polo Team come from. Although a very unheralded sport Water Polo is alive and well in Victoria with approximately 250 Junior players participating in the State Championships held at the Kardinia Park Swimming Pool Complex on the weekend of February 21st and 22nd.

    Once again the Lions Club of Geelong South Barwon were out in force to help and encourage these juniors is their endeavour to maximise their ability in their preferred sport, by providing a Breakfast of Egg & Bacon Muffins, plus supplying water.

    The Manners/politeness of every one of these young sportspeople was excellent and noted by all Lions Club Members with our dealing with them.

    Overall we provided some almost 300 E&B Muffins, cooked to perfection by our cooking team of Lion Colin & Graeme, supported by the front of the shop, Lion Bob, with support from President Lion Shirley and the two Mick's. The Club raise a small amount on the day, but much more importantly we were visible out in the Community doing work for our Community.

  • New Image

    South Barwon Lions Helping Geelong Water Polo Club

    Today, Sunday 8th February, 7 Lions Members prepared a Bacon & Egg Roll Breakfast for the Competitors and supporters at the State Senior Water Polo Championships. Our two large Marquees were very visible, promoting our Club prominently.

    Photos show Members preparing for the Breakfast and then some of the Competitors and Supporters enjoying their Rolls

  • New Image

    The Good Guys BBQ

    Site set up at The Good Guys, Fyans St Geelong

  • New Image

    The Good Guys BBQ

    Another Month another day, we hold our Monthly Saturday BBQ at The Good Guys Complex in Fyans Street Geelong.

    Over the past 12 months our Club has raised in excess of $4,500 from BBQ's held at The Good Guys, with all these funds going back into the Geelong Community to people in need or with health requirements.

    We thank Ross Parkes and his team at the Good Guys for their wonderful support in allowing our Club to hold these BBQ's.

    Lions: Mike Cake, Affilliate Graeme Stafford, Lions Allan Scott and Lion Geoff Reader, waiting for the rush after setting up the BBQ Stall

  • New Image

    Bunning BBQ

    Club had a very successful day at Bunnings on Sunday 11th January, when it ran the weekly Sunday BBQ. With Bunnings Torquay out of action and the weather favourable for Sausage eating we served some 73 kgs of IGA snags mixed with almost 18kgs of onions, on 50 loaves of IGA Bread, and we had ample drink sales to wash them down.

    In picture you see Lions Alan Scott as checkout chick, Affiliate Member Graeme Stafford toiling over and overseeing the cooking of the snags and onions, Lion Gordon Kieslebach having difficulties with the food handling gloves and Lion Mick organising the bread.

  • New Image

    Carols By Candlelight

    2nd Photo, shows part of the large crowd in attendance with Lions Marquee in the background.

  • New Image

    Carols By Candlelight

    21st December saw our Club undertake a new venture of running a BBQ in Highton for Carols in the Park.

    A tremendous crowd were present and the Lions Emblem flew prominently on our BBQ Marquee. Some 10 Club Members assisted and a great night was held by all.

    Somewhere between 1500 and 2000 family members attended on a warm Summers night, and the Lions Service was very much appreciated.

    Note in this photo Lion Andrew with back to Camera although limping badly during the night, saw the evening out, and President Lion Shirley is just checking to make sure the Supa Glue on her chair is adequate to keep her in place for the night.

  • New Image

    Tulli Visits the IGA BBQ

    Today a few of the Club Members meet for the first time Tulli Seabert. Tulli is the little 3 year old girl, born with multiple medical conditions that the Club purchased a Special designed Walker come Chair for, for use in the family home, some 15 months ago and the chair still makes up a large part of Tulli's life.

    She is totally reliant on Mum, Bec, and Dad, Travis, for her mobility as well as her Carers.

    Hopefully from the photos you will be able to see this young lady's infectious smile, which is more than a reward for being a Lion, and part of a CLub who helped this family in their time of need.

    Bec & Trav are very good supporters of our Lions Club

  • Belmont Special School BBQ

    Under the Supervision of Lion Phil Rayner, a group of 7 Members of our Club cooked a BBQ Christmas Sausage Sizzle for the Students, Parents and Carers of the Belmont Special School.
    This has been a yearly activity for our Club for a number of years, under Phil's Guidance.
    Lions Members, Colin, Doug, Neil, Don, Kevin and Dennis allowed Parents to share a somewhat relaxed Christmas Meal with their Children and parents of the other children who attend the special school.
    The Members enjoy seeing the smiles on the children faces and the parents and teachers really appreciate the Club Members support of this activity

  • New Image

    Christmas Cakes/Puddings & Slices Stall Kept Simple

    As you will notice our Lions Christmas Cake Signage is not of the current era, however it does prove very successful as our Club will achieve Sales of our Cakes/Puddings and Slices in excess of $5,000 for the period from 1st December to 24th December from this Stall. The Stall is situated in Belmont Shopping Strip between Betts Shoes and Jokers Menswear, and manned by Lions Members between the hours of 10am till 4pm

  • Tulli's Assistance


    Some 16 months ago, our Club heard a story of a young family who had a daughter with multiple health problems. Lion Geoff Reader researched the various complications the little girl had and made a presentation to the Club Members, who all agreed that instead of contributing a minimal amount should purchase in full, $5,400, the specialised Chair that was needed to help the young girl and her family out. The Club purchased and presented the Chair, which is still used within the home and will be for many years to come, to the family some 3 months later. The delay caused by the chair having to be imported.


  • New Image

    Christmas Party

    Majority of Members, their partners and Children braved the Elements to participate in our 2nd Christmas Meal to be held at Mick Morgan's on 6th December. Once again the Chef's Andrew & Jenni Campbell along with our Host Mick Morgan presented a wonderful meal. Club Marquees were to the fore to protect all from any inclement weather, that did not eventuate. Mick's sister Kerry Ross set a terrific scene with table decorated in the spirit of the season

  • New Image


    On Saturday 29th November the Club in conjunction with three students from Kardinia International College, held a very successful BBQ at IGA Marshalltown Rd Grovedale. President Shirley was able to present Felix King, grandson to one of our Life Member Os Nelson, with a Club cheque for $350 from the Activity for CANTEEN, which is an arm of Kids with Cancer. The students had lost a school mate from Cancer and they had asked some Club Members if the Club could assist them to raise funds for Canteen.

  • New Image

    District Governor's Visit

    A very successful Visit from District Governor Phillip Johnson and his wife, Anne, was held on Wednesday 26th November, with a number of Service Awards being presented, but the highlight of the evening was no doubt when President of the Club, Lion Shirley Bullingham Presented our DG with a Club cheque for the value of $1,000 to the District Governor's request for all Clubs in the District to contribute towards the purchase of a Lightcycler 480 Real Time PCR for use by the Murdock Research Foundation at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.

District news

  • None. No existing news could be found.

National news

  • New Image

    Oz-Clubhouse Clean up needs YOU!

    Thanks for using Oz-Clubhouse but our server is groaning under the weight.

    We'd like your support in deleting old files, including documents,images and videos. Please have a look around your site for very old materials that can now be deleted!

    Executive Officer

    Rob Oerlemans

  • New Image

    Beware e-mail scams targetting Lions

    Lions should be aware of common e-mail and social media scams targeting club members. Sadly, some of our members have been targeted with these scams.

    For more information follow this link.

    More details:

  • New Image

    Lions Hearing Dogs on WinTV!

    Head on over to the Lions Australia Facebook page to check out this nice story on WinTV Canberra about our Hearing Dogs


    More details:

  • New Image

    Our new TV advertisment launched #morethansausages

    It's here! We are very proud to announce the new Lions Australia television campaign - #MoreThanSausages.

    It showcases the breadth of work Lions do in our communities, helping real people through disaster relief and recovery, medical research, youth programs and more. Lions Serve - more than sausages!

    Follow the link to see our video and find out more!

    More details:

  • New Image

    Attention All Lions OZ Clubhouse Webmasters

    The "Text Instructions" for webmasters of Lions OZ Clubhouse websites have been updated as at 29th December and can be found by clicking on the attachment below or by clicking on the website link.

    Your MD201, OZ Clubhouse Webmaster, Lion Graham, recommends that all club webmasters review the revised instructions.

    If you have any queries, Graham can be contacted by email which you will find in the website link below.

    Attachment: Oz-Clubhouse-Instructions-Revised-29th-December-2015.pdf

    More details: